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09/22/2007 1 - You may find some jobs on their site worth applying for, although I did not find my job through them and I don't value Monster as a company at all as you can see by rating for the following reasons:  (1) They will send you TONS of emails that don't have anything to do with the job you are looking for or even location you are in at the moment, and I mean AN|YTHING; (2) it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get rid of these emails - you have to LOG IN to their site - update your password (in my case) to one with number and letters and nothing including "prohibited" words, and then deactivate your profile and hope in 10 days or so, the emails will stop arriving; remember, YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD, AMONG THE 100 OTHER PASSWORDS YOU HAD TO THINK UP IN YOUR JOB SEARCH - JUST TO STOP GETTING AT LEAST AN EMAIL A DAY FROM MONSTER FOR JOBS THAT DON'T EVEN COME CLOSE TO ONES YOU MAY HAVE APPLIED FOR THROUGH THEIR SITE; (3) SO, instead of focusing on the important stuff like correcting critique #1, based on critique #2, they think they are a bank and people are sitting there attempting to break into peoples' profiles they use to apply for jobs instead of the ones they could actually use - like banking profiles - come on?; and (4) just make it easy for us to stop getting emails from you like some other sites/companies - e.g., click here to unsubscribe -- get a clue - we're trying to get a job - don't you think we have enough things to do?  good luck in you search and even if you have to use monster - WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT USE THE EMAIL LINK IF YOU CAN OPT OUT, I'M GUESSING YOU CAN'T.

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