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James Earl Carter Jr. (1977-1981)



Victor83's rating:

Victor83's review:

If not for Hoover, Carter would easily be the worst President of the 20th century. He gave us high energy costs, high taxes, double digit interest rates, double-digit inflation, the near death of small business, lowest housing starts since before World War 2, a nearly decimated military, and humiliation on the world stage.

UPDATE: I have to confess...Jimmy Carter was the worst President of my lifetime- Bush has taken his title from him. A horrible leader, at least Carter's heart was in the right place. I also believed that, like Reagan, Carter truly cared for our troops, their lives, and their families. Contrast that with our current "President".

• Review left on 06/22/2007
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Replies to Victor83's review:

irishgit (125) 06/22/2007As you may know, I'm a Canadian who has worked in your country, and for various U.S. politicians and candidates. Those days are behind me, but I maintain a professional interest, as it were. I don't believe I have seen a more incompetent administration in my adult lifetime, at state, province or national level, in either of our countries. It's shameful.
Victor83 (36) 06/22/2007He is destroying this country, literally.
irishgit (125) 06/22/2007LOL. If you squint when he gives the State of the Union Address you can see the 666 on his forehead.
Victor83 (36) 06/22/2007Beyond that. I do not believe in the "anti-Christ". If I did...Bush 43 would be one hell of a candidate.
irishgit (125) 06/22/2007Well put. Pretty sad, isn't it?

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