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Sakar Ear Walkie Talkies (Target)$13.99
Kawasaki Long-Distance Walkie Talkies (JC Penney)$29.99
Motorola CLS1110 Professional UHF 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkie (J&R; Music/Computer World)$119.88
Motorola FR50 Walkie Talkie (WirelessPro.com)$100.00
Wrist Watch Walkie Talkie (Leaps and Bounds)$24.95

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Walkie Talkies


VirileVagabond's rating:

VirileVagabond's review:

As walkie-talkies were originally developed for the military, I'm not sure that these things are quite obsolete for infantry (though I couldn't say for sure). I will say that back in my day, toy walkie-talkies were one of the best Christmas presents a young boy could get (ahh, simpler times). Since I'm assuming that these are still useful for recreational purposes and (as other comments have noted) the technology has simply switched to cellular, four stars for the walkie-talkie.

• Review left on 08/31/2006
• Marked as helpful by 4 other reviewer(s)
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