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Sakar Ear Walkie Talkies (Target)$13.99
Kawasaki Long-Distance Walkie Talkies (JC Penney)$29.99
Motorola CLS1110 Professional UHF 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkie (J&R; Music/Computer World)$119.88
Motorola FR50 Walkie Talkie (WirelessPro.com)$100.00
Wrist Watch Walkie Talkie (Leaps and Bounds)$24.95

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Walkie Talkies


EschewObfuscation's rating:

EschewObfuscation's review:

Yes, the great big ones like a big telephone receiver were great. Now we have hand held radios, as numbah points out. I wonder if some wise ass will give Dick Cheney and Harry Whittingham a pair of them for Christmas. Hey, next time you guys go hunting . . .

• Review left on 02/27/2006
• Marked as helpful by 6 other reviewer(s)
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