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Great Dane

Great Danes are very large dogs (100-130 lbs.) classified as Working Dogs. Great Danes descended from Mastiffs, a breed found in Europe and Asia for thousands of years.


Boxers'n'Danes's rating:

Boxers'n'Danes's review:

I love these dogs! I grew up a total cat person, and my first ever dog was a 160lbs black Dane - a sweetheart through and through! Call me partial, but they are one of the best breeds out there. That being said, there are some things you have to consider: First, they eat a lot. Duh, I know, but along with that you have to buy QUALITY food, or you're setting yourself up for a dog with problems. Second: PLEASE TRAIN YOUR DANE! They truly do not know their size, and they can seriously injure you just by greeting you at the door. You have to teach your dog manners, no matter what size, but for Danes it is extremely important that you take the time to socialize and train them. Don't EVER allow behaviour from a pup that you wouldn't want from a horse. I have to say here that I have 2 kids, 3 and 1 in age, and my Dane is wonderful with them. Just imagine leaving your baby with a rambuncious 5 year old boy, and you'll understand why you have to supervise kids and Danes together. Once again, they don't know their size, and they do think everything is a game. Third, do some research into the dog you're buying. American bred Danes have dramatically shortened life spans and a myriad of health problems. Reputable breeders will provide not only a pedigree, but any and all health testing done on dogs in their blood lines. Many great breeders are incorporating top european lines to improve the dogs' health. Fourth: Listen to your breeder! If you have done your homework on picking a breeder, you can trust them to know what is best for your dog. Don't go running to your vet (unless he/she has extensive knowledge on this great breed) and throw everything your breeder told you out the window. Stick to his/her recommendation on food, supplements, exercise and training. Do your homework, don't rush to buy the first cute puppy that crosses your path, and be a responsible owner, and you will be rewarded with a gentle giant that will prefer long walks or hikes and lounging at your feet (or on your lap, if you allow it) to running through the house knocking over anybody and anything, chewing on your furniture and kids alike. BTW, I live in an apartment on 750 sqft, and my Dane fits right in. That's what walks are for!!!

• Review left on 08/21/2005
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