Relocate the Palestinians to Afghanistan or Iraq



Let's solve a whole bunch of problems. Move the Greeks and Turks in Cypus to Greece and Turkey; move one side or the other from Isreal and Palestine to Cyprus; move the Prods in Northern Ireland to UK, Australia, New Zealand or wherever; move the whites from Zimbabwe and South Africa somewhere; the Serbs from Kossovo; the Albanians from Macedonia (wait a minute, is this ethnic cleansing?) UPDATE: I think a little historical correction is needed here. Jordan is called a Palestinian state by the Isreal backers and the monstrous thought is always below the surface to expel the Palestinians across the Jordan River into Jordan. After the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, the old Turkish provinces were divided among the powers. Jordan was a kingdom given to the Hashmites and Palestine was a mandate under direct British rule. To state otherwise is just flat incorrect! If Jordan and Palestine had been under the same King or Mandate or some other arrangement, then a cogent argument could be made. I think that some authorities were calling Jordan a Palestinian state, but if so, this is only based on the Biblical interpreation of the Nation of Isreal stretching from the Nile to the Euprhates. Jordan never was created as a Palestinian state! The United States is increasingly being sucked into this area by that really weird combination of Isreali interests and USA Christian Dispensationalists and Fundamentalists. The latter believe that they must give the Biblical prophecies in Daniel, Revelation, etc. a little help by backing Isreal to the hilt so that the End Times will come. I think it is really really revealing when a Isreali politician comes to the US, he first goes to Lynchburg to see a preacher rather than to Washington, DC to see the President. THAT IS A DISGRACE! Those preachers should disavow such overt attempts for subornation, but I guess the American National Interest doesn't matter if the Rapture is right around the corner! The Neo-Cons play these Christian interests just like a fiddle. What is really tragic is how these loving Christians are allowing the ancient Christian communities in the Middle East to be sacrificed to rampaging Mohammedanism because, even though those communities have been there for 2000 years, and some even still use Aramaic, the language Christ used, they are not Bible-Thumpers of the American variety and therefore not worthy of protection. This is shameful and I sincerely hope that the Dispensationalists and Fundamentalists pay for it on the Judgment Day that they so fervently desire.
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• Review posted on 08/23/2005
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