Relocate the Palestinians to Afghanistan or Iraq



There is a fight going on that shows no signs of ending. There is too much hate on both sides. One party considers the other grossly inferior, and the other doesn't recognize their neighbors' right to exist. The latter teaches their children geography wherein Israel does not appear on the map. Further, this situation benefits Arab countries who have no desire to help the Palestinians by absorbing them (which they could have done a long time ago). The Palestinian/Israeli conflict has the utility of allowing Middle Eastern dictators to redirect their countrymen's unhappiness and hostility over their own squalor toward a common enemy. Is there anyone reading this who could look at me with a straight face and tell me the bloodshed involving the Israelis and Palestinians will stop within the next two generations? Break the fight up. Send one kid to one end of the house while the other stays on the other side. The US is largely in control of two major Arabic/Islamic Middle Eastern nations. Relocate the Palestinians to Iraq and/or Afghanistan. It ends the fight. The argument becomes moot. There is certainly no Middle Eastern nation in a position to challenge the US or Israeli militaries. But, won't the Palestinians have conflicts with their new neighbors over land and resources? Probably. So what? Better to have Arabs killing Arabs than Arabs killing Jews. This manuever simultaneously reduces the loss of life in a democratic country and removes the 3rd World's favorite topic in the United Nations: The mistreatment of the Palestinians by Israel.
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• Review posted on 08/20/2005
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