Lindsay Lohan

Born in 1986, Lindsay Lohan has appeared in such films as "Freaky Friday" and "Mean Girls."

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Lindsay Lohan, you might remember her as the cute little girl from The Parent Trap or the adorable little actress from Life Size.... if you think shes still that innocent little child... THINK AGAIN! Of course, youre eighteen, youre a kid but youve changed since childhood, Sorry, Lindsay Lohans still a brat., and she sure as heck aint innocent! A brat since birth, her father owning a million dollar Pasta Company, and a director, making sure his little baby would get in without flexing a finger. Now, at eighteen, shes one of the most richest and beautiful teens in the world, but does she appreciate it, and is she as classy as you think? Doing Teenage Girl Movies like Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen and Mean Girls definitely gives her a younger age group of fans, so shes got little girls looking up to her. As she quotes in Us Weekly magazine I want to play more difficult roles but still keep my audience. Okay Lindsay, so you keep your audience by doing the risqué, music video to your vocal-less song Rumors? I mean seriously folks, how do you keep a young audience when youre making out with a guy, feeling yourself, and dancing in a cadge in your music video? Exactly.... YOU CANT! And, more about the fact that shes not classy. On the red carpet, someone suggested an idea that she thought was stupid so she calls it Retarted. Oh yes, the press was all over that one! When she was asked about rumors that she had breast implants, Lohan said, Thats retarded. She also responded Its so retarded when she was asked about her so-called feud with Hilary Duff.( Yes we all make mistakes, but seriously Lindsay, dont you ever think about youre fans? The last time she updated her official fan site LL ROCKS was October 15, 2003! She lives her life without ever thinking about the starving people who are out there working their butts off to be in her position. The last time she updated her online shrine, she said I just wrapped on Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (due to come out around February.) I am going home to NY for 2 days for some photo shoots. AND ARE YOU HAPPY ABOUT BEING ON THE COVER OF TONS OF MAGAZINES AND ARE YOU HAPPY YOU GET TO WORK HAND IN HAND WITH GREAT ACTORS AND ACTRESSES? Do you ever stop to think about how lucky you are Lindsay? No. And she IS a real life Mean Girl . Showing up at Hilary Duffs premiers just to make a fight and be a bully. Sorry Lindsay, its pretty obvious you were just there to start something. Which is why we have come to the conclusion that Lindsay DOESNT rock. Thank you.

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