"Krukow Kurse"/ "Coogan's Bluff Curse" (San Francisco's Giants)

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The curse pretains to Mike Krukow, a former player for the Cubs, now an announcer for the Giants. Because he was under the "Curse of the Billy Goat" when he played for Chicago, ...
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"Krukow Kurse"/ "Coogan's Bluff Curse" (San Francisco's Giants) 1

10/28/2004: How unfortunate that ESPN had to put this up yesterday after The Bambino Curse had been broken, They are a power in the NL west for many years since they moved out of New York. Though this is my favorite team, I would not rate this cuse as very painful as it has been brought up recently and there is no name for it yet. If I would give it a name, (I did put it on this weblist before it was deleted on Oct.10,) it should be called the NY-SF Giants Transition Curse.
11/02/2010 Cursed no more, and they hand the third place record of championship droughts to Texas today. It was a long time coming, and it was deservedly what the city of San Francisco and maybe the whole Bay Area to cherish. To imagine, it came down to the last regular season game to see who gets in, and they did- and now this persistence paid off. After 18,983 days, they did it-congratulations!
Recent update: They have done it again and we will say that this curse will never be seen again. The 2010 win was not a fluke, and they won #2 for San Francisco on Oct. 28, 2012. Delightful now that the team will stay for years to come and they will win more in the near future. Ironic that the Golden Gate's 75th Anniversary was this year too! Congrats!

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