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War of the Worlds (H.G. Wells)


Enkidu's rating:

Enkidu's review:

This is an underrated book, and is about far more than an imaginary invasion of Earth by Martians. It is a savage attack on imperial colonialism by a fiercely angry outcast of late Victorian society. The Martians behave just like the Europeans in Africa and India, with their weapons and organization; they treat the inhabitants with a similar disdain, and eventually devour them to feed their Machine. Ultimately, the invaders are destroyed from within, by disease, as Wells suggested that the colonial powers would be destroyed by the gradual spread of corruption. Look for hints of this interpretation: the Martians land ONLY in England, yet the title of the second half is Earth under the Martians --at the time it was written, did not Great Britain consider itself the lord of civilization? Look for others. It is fun to read it this way.

• Review left on 03/11/2004
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