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625 days ago

I recently worked at this place of business. I'm a well educated and very hard and devoted employee, in most cases. Although I only worked for Dr. Slaughter for a short period of time, I was not impressed and almost offended by most every experience I had there. As a vet, I can not really make a good judgement because i did not have an experience with him in that area. As an employer, well, let's just say we had a meeting every single morning while I was there which mainly consisted of him throwing idol threats at all the employees about random tasks and subjects. The reason for my leaving the clinic, as I am sure you are wondering is because one stormy Sunday night the power went out while me and my husband were asleep, causing my alarm clock to reset and malfunction. I was awakened by the receptionist calling me at exactly 7:45, 45 minutes after i was supposed to be there. In a panic, seeing as how this was the first time i have EVER been late for work (military included) I told her i was so sorry and i was on my way and could be there in 10 minutes, as i rushed to get dressed. She told me numerous times to just stay home as I insisted i would come in. She told me to stay home and that she would call and touch base with me later. She never called. So the next morning I was 20 minutes early and promptly went in and started my morning tasks. She then came back to the kennel where i was working and told me that Dr. Slaughter was letting me go because being late is not tolerated what so ever. I asked if there was anything i could do and if I could speak with him and explained my situation and she said no. This was the first time I had ever been late to any job. I was a very hard worker while i was there and I believe with all my heart that the treatment i received while i was there was not deserved by any means. Although my experience working here was less than pleasant, I did, however, find that I have a dire passion for working with animals. As a vet, I can not give a rating or recommendation on Dr. Slaughter because i do not really have experience with him as a vet, other than the one day that i spent shadowing a tech. As an employer, I can say that the turn over rate in this clinic is extremely high and with good reason.

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