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2472 days ago

I wish I could say that the people at Singer Real Estate are honest, well-intentioned, and hard-working. Unfortunately, my experience so far (and that of my neighbors and fellow tenants) has indicated the opposite.

When I was shown my apartment, the agent promised me it would be cleaned, and the holes in the wall repaired, before I moved in. It wasn't cleaned, and the holes were not prepared, even after I called maintenance and a guy came and inspected them.

Similarly, one of my neighbors in this house was promised that her apartment would be cleaned and cleared (of old furniture, loose nails, and clutter) before she moved in. Again, this didn't happen. After several requests, they removed the desk.

This neighbor has seen the temperature in her apartment drop over the past week to 60, then 50, 40, and now 30. Singer is very slow in responding to maintenance concerns, taking two days or more to respond even when their emergency number is called and the apartment, at 30 degrees Fahrenheit, is uninhabitable.

Several months ago, another of my neighbors (in the same house, managed by Singer) had his apartment flooded with dirty water because of some plumbing problem. He too had to wait a few days before maintenance finally came to clean it up and repair the plumbing.

From this pattern of broken promises and sluggish response to critical maintenance issues, I must regrettably conclude that the people at Singer Real Estate, by their actions, seem to be truly unconcerned for their tenants' comfort and safety, as well as their own integrity. I hope that they prove me wrong in the future, but I will not hold my breath.

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