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Technophile. punto.

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cellphones, palomino, wireless, telecommunications, technology, web2.0, socialnetworking, thegraduate, mexico, brazil, samba, haas, easties, SCUBAdiving, lizards, zeitgeist, mission

Favorite Music & Artists:

Of Montreal, The Dears, The Magic Bullets, The Dandy Wharhols, John Vanderslice, Ben Kweller, Pulp, Grandaddy, Wilco, Calexico, Love Makers, April March, Stereolab, The Monolith, Stars, , Shins, Modest Mouse, Uncle Tupelo, Pavement, Arctic Monkeys, Super Chunk... and many many more. Check some of these out yourself by clicking on the play arrows next to each song below:

Favorite Books & Authors:

The Fountainhead, The Plague, Immortality, The Fall... and many many more.
Some pics:

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My lizard sings to Beck!

Favorite Web Sites: (external link) (external link) (external link) (external link) (external link)

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magellan (178) on 6/8/2006 2:55:18 PM, said:

If you want advice about wireless, mexico, or lizards, this is your girl.