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2004 days ago

This faucet with sprayer is ridiculous. The hand spray sits in a cradle with nothing underneath, so any splashes you make while rinsing is immediately dripped underneath your sink.

We didn't even want a sprayer to begin with but we just liked this style and our Home Depot didn't have the one without a sprayer. So we just thought, we'll get it and not hook it up. Right, you have to hook it up for your faucet to work!

So the faucet itself is beautiful and everything else was easy to hook up. We just can't use the sprayer! Unless we want water under our sink.

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2239 days ago

Does anyone know what company this dog food is from? I heard it was from Diamond, one of the companies that made the tainted dog food where lots of dogs died. Look it up, try to find the company name that makes this.... it's not easy, I wonder why? And I'm not sure I want to give them another chance, if it is them.

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2241 days ago

Most Gerber baby food is delicious, I have tasted a lot of it. (Sorry but I just like the stuff) But this Gerber Organic Herbed Chicken, is just not good. It has a strong spice flavor that taste like strong oregano or basil but the label says thyme. It's more of an adult flavor that most kids don't like.

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