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I"M BBBAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKK! And I'm eviler than ever! I've acquired a more layed-back, intellegent way of Bush and South bashing since my last time around. Anyway I am a student from Edison, New Jersey, I like politics, statstics, music, food, animals, food, drawing comic books, cartoons and TV, arguing with people, and food. Oh yeah, for people who are nice to me (Jar-Jar Binks, metal666) you will be honored by me, but people who are mean to me (that means YOU, irish**, cool-I think I'm smart but I use the most irrelevant facts of all time-ija), I will make your day miserable.

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Zeppelin, GNR, Primus, Nirvana, and a heck of a lot more

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Spaceballs, Naked Gun

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