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1604 days ago

WOW....That was a complete nightmare! But the city owes a debt of gratitude to this club. All the ghetto, clueless, thugs and strippers go to this clubs. So you don't have to worry about them being anywhere else. The party is hosted by this clown Dj Rewind! He's more known for his criminal record than anything else. How do you allow the most hated person in the city to host your party? The music was radio music and dull, the crowd was dangerous, you wait forever to get a drink, it is insanely small, everyone is a gangster with a prison record, DJ rewind is there, the bathroom is the size of a closet and the club is filled way past capacity. If rewind is there, you're gonna have all sorts of problems the guy is a lunatic! Check out his past. Please avoid this club with your life or it may cost you your life.....YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!

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