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I love Sprituality and a big fan of Geeta. I have a higher IQ and a higher EQ. I like meditating on higher purpose of life. My favorite quote is " to work you have the right but not to the fruits thereof" I feel that most of the human being are selfish and are working to achieve their selfish gains and that is the biggest cause of their suffering. Let us work together to create a peaceful world and realize our true nature.

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Krishna, Ram, Yoga, Meditation, Sprituality, Philosophy, Mythology, History

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Jazz Classical

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Bhagvat Geeta - Ved Vyas

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The reason i am using this website is not to earn money but just to discuss on topics like sprituality with my web2.0 generation.

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http://www.jkp.org (external link) 
http://www.youtube.com (external link) 

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