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343 days ago

As a Georgetown fan, this was my favorite Hoya team of all time. Unlike the Patrick Ewing era teams, this Hoya squad was not dominant team by any means, as it was in rebuilding mode as it featured an all-freshman backcourt in Dwayne Bryant and Mark Tillmon, a 6-4 power forward in Perry McDonald (who was a natural guard) while lacking a dominant center (now telling how good this team could have been if they had a Patrick Ewing, ALonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo, Roy Hibbert or even Othella Harrington the middle) and used just a 6-foot-8 center Ronnie Highsmith (although Ben Gillery started at center a majority of minutes went to Highsmith) along with Sam Jefferson who came off the bench.

On the bench were players like Charles Smith, who at the time was a defensive specialist who came off the bench and was not yet the leading scorer for the team and the Big East MVP that he would become in his senior year.

Thus It didn't seem like a team that could challenge for a national championship, but it did because all the youngsters overachieved and also it featured Reggie Williams, who was the only senior on the team, who played the same role that Danny Manning did his senior year for Kansas, who led the Jayhawks to a national championship.

Reggie not only led the team in scoring, he set the then single season scoring mark for the Hoyas by averagin 23 points per game, but did all the little things to help a team win and providing immense leadership in the same way as the afore-mentioned Danny Manning did, and also the same way as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird for the Lakers and Celtics, and this team became known as "Reggie and the Miracles"

This team made several exciting comebacks during the season to pull out wins and won the Big East regular season championship along with the Big tournament championship and I thought this team could really win the championship but however the magic ran out for this team, in the East Regional Final as the team picked the wrong time to play one of the worst games of the season as the lost to Providence, a team they had beaten twice during the regular season and a third time time in the Big East Tournament, and I was absolutely heart-broken after the game.

Had the team beaten Providence, they would have faced Syracuse in the Final Four, another team they had beaten twice in the regular season and a third time in the Big East Tournament and had they been able to beat that game they would have faced Indidana, which I feel they could have beaten, or the team I wanted them to play, UNLV who had lost to Indiana in the other final four game. However even though they did not win the national title, again it is my favorite Hoya team ever and provided me so many great memories.

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405 days ago

The run-away-Hesiman trophy winner by passing for 2859 yards and 28 TD's and Rushing for 1409 yards and 20 TDs--thus finishing the season with an astonishing total of 4268 yards and 48 TD's, while leading Auburn to a national championship while also having to deal with the distraction of his "pay for play scandal" on the account of his father trying to sell Cam to college programs, and you can argue that Cam knew about it and/or shouldn't have been allowed to play in Auburn's remaining games including the national championship game vs. Oregon, but Cam Newton is the easy choice for the 2010 RIA Athlete of the Year in my opinion and I'm sure a lot of other people too.

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405 days ago

If there was any doubt at the start of 2010 about Manny Pacquaio being the no. 1 pound for pound boxer in the world, he erased them with dominant performances over Joshua Clottey and Antonio Margarito, with his fight with Margaroito being one of the more impressive wins of his career thought the fight went the distance (although the ref should have stopped the fight by round 11) given the enormous size advantage Margorito had on him, but Manny's offense and speed was just too much for Margarito to handle.

If Manny had beaten Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2010, he undoubtedly gets a five-star rating for me, but of course Floyd backed out of the fight ( by blindsiding Manny with the demand that there bea blood test AFTER the original negotiations happenedalthough Floyd will try to tell you it was Manny's fault that the fight didn't happen) so that was hardly Manny's fault.

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407 days ago

LeBron again has a great regular season--winning his second straight MVP but unfortunately has an awful playoff series against the Boston Celtics--most notably Game Five (15 points on 3-14 shooting) in which was an absolute must win for the Cavs. So despite his strong individual stats and him being able to lead the Cavs to the best record in the NBA for the second year in a row, the Cavs can't reach the NBA Finals and although LeBrondoesn't have a great group of teammates surrounding him, his short comings during the playoffs prevent him from winning the Athlete of the Year in my opinion.

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407 days ago

Hey Ralph the Wander Llama, yes there's a lot of distrubing stuff going on in the world. That's why some of us talk about sports--and problems in sports--to get away from the troubles of the world. If we just focus on the troubles on the world 24/7 most us will go stir crazy.

409 days ago

After signing a 7 year, 100 million contract, you would think the least Albert could do would be to report to training camp in camp shape. But he wasn't able to, failing several conditioning tests before finally being activated by the club.

But given the way he played, recording a career low 13 tackles, and just 2.5 sacks, maybe Washington would have been better off by having him stay out of bad shape so couldn't be activated. One play that stands for Albert was during the MNF game against the Eagles when Michael Vick had arguably the greatest start ever by a QB in NFL history. During that game in one play summed up Albert's whole season as he rushes the QB gets knocked down to the ground, the play is still going on as Michael Vick still has the ball looking for a receiver but Albert makes no effort to get up and just stays on the ground, making it very reasonable to assume for anyone who saw that play that Albert was still not in top physical shape and/or he quit on the play and/or he doesn't care about being a great player and helping his team win. In December the 'Skins suspended Albert for conduct detrimental to the club and it was hardly a loss for the club.

Other NFL owners must have been thrilled by Albert's play this year as with the CBA expring in March, his bloated contract helps the owners make a strong case why NFL players contracts should never be fully guaranteed.

Hey Albert, don't worry about it. Even if you don't ever play football again, perhaps you can start an acting career and you can be the star of the new "Fat Albert" movie.

Oh and Congrats to you Albert on being the 2010 Rate It All Anti Athlete of the Year.

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409 days ago

I wont' waste my time by writing a long review or waste anyone's time by having to make them read a long review. I'll just say about this idea: IT DID NOT WORK.

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409 days ago

This was a definitely an interesting idea and everyone seemed to enjoy the fantasy draft on the Friday before the game--but the problem was as entertaining as the draft was--it still can't change the fact that hockey all star games are still exhibition games and there is still a minimal amount of hitting/contact-which is an essential part of hockey, just as it is in American football along with a limited amount of forechecking, defense and too many odd-man rushes during the game until the third period, and even with the fantasy draft idea working as well as it did it still didn't change the fact that the All Star Game was a parody of a hockey game with way too much scoring--yes a high scoring game in hockey is exciting but if it happens to much--like it does in Arena Football than people get immune to the scoring and it just doesn't become as exciting as it normally would be.

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409 days ago

This idea had been discussed many times before it was actually introduced for the 2003 All Star Game. And I certainly understand why people like this idea, and it has made the managers who are involved seem to manage the game more like an actual game rather than a normal all star game where they let everyone on the rosters play and it protects the game from ending in a tie like it did in the 2002 All Star Game because both teams ran out of pitchers to use.

But I am with the faction of people who still don't like the idea of having the result of an exhibition game resulting in determination of who gets the idea of home field advantage for the World Series.

First of all home field advantage doesn't really make a big difference in baseball as it does in other sports, although the big advantage the home teams gets is they get to bat last. Second, I don't like the idea of players from other teams that aren't eventually invovled in the World Series laying the foundation of which league gets home field advantage.

An example being in th 03 Game when Eric Gagne of the Dodgers giving up three runs, in the bottom of the eighth inning, allowing the American League Champion that year, the Yankees the World Series while the Marlins did not. But of course the Marlins, went on to win the Series making the point moot of who had home field advantage. And the winning league getting home field advantage still hasn't made a difference in a World Series, as no WS has gone seven games since BUT eventually a World Series will go seven games one day with this idea in place and it can make an advantage where the winning team gets an advantage from playing game seven at home but there are some unusual paradoxes that can take place with this idea.

An example being the winning pitcher, in the 2010 game, when Washington Nationals closer Matt Capps, would go on to participate in the American League playoffs after his trade to the Minnesota Twins just a couple of weeks following the Midsummer Classic. What if the Nats had won the NL pennant and they had faced the Minnesota Twins in the World Series? Should the Twins prevented from being home field advantage because one of their pitchers just happened to be in the NL when the All Star game took place?

I think it just creates an awkward situation and I don't think trying to making the All Star Game meaningful with this idea should be used.

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409 days ago

I think this was a great idea that the ABA introduced in 1976, as many of their innovations they created for the game of basketball when it was in operation. And I would love to see the NBA try this idea as I think it would work well.

This is an article about having the NBA trying this format in 2008:

The National Basketball Association will never do away with its All-Star Game (nor should it) but there's no question the gathering of pro basketball's finest-which was the most entertaining all-star game played by the four major pro leagues in this country-has lost its luster.

Recent NBA All-Star Games have been marred by sloppy play featuring blown dunks, countless turnovers and little defense from apathetic and disinterested ballers. The NBA's mid-season talent showcase, like an Al Gore speech has turned into a cure for insomnia.

The only saving grace for the game currently is if it reaches the fourth quarter and the outcome of the contest is still in doubt. Then players raise their intensity and interest level and the NBA All- Star game actually starts to resemble an actual basketball game.

So to make the All Star Game more intriguing, David Stern should change its current format of Western Conference All-Stars facing off against Eastern Conference All-Stars. My suggestion: Use the ABA's idea from their 1976 All-Star game, where a team of all-stars faced off of against one of its actual teams, the Denver Nuggets.

Let the NBA use the same idea with another variation. Have two games, which matches-up an actual team from one conference (such as the team with the best record or the defending conference champions or just a team deemed worthy enough to be selected) against the all-star squad from the other conference.

In other words this year's All-Star Weekend would feature the Boston Celtics taking on the Western Conference All-Stars in one game and the San Antonio Spurs battling the Eastern Conference All-Stars in the other. Also consider the sub-plot of LeBron James having Jason Kidd, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard as teammates, allowing him most certainly would have provide more of challenge to the Spurs then he did with his Cleveland Cavalier teammates in last year's less-then-thrilling and un-fulfilling NBA Finals.

So by having one actual team in the All-Star game running its own offense and defensive systemsin other words playing organized basketball, it would result in the opposing all-star squad to play in an organized (or some what organized) manner resulting in an intriguing match-up, allowing the breath-taking athletic talent of the world's finest male athletes to showcase itself in a more disciplined and competitive setting rather then denigrating into the wild helter-skelter hoops satire.

Such a format would open up more roster spots and also allow more players such as Tony Parker or Deron Williams (who are likely to be left out of the All-Star roster due to the number of quality point guards in the west) to play in the game which they would deserve.

Of course some NBA clubs would probably resist the idea of having to participate in a meaningless exhibition in the middle of an exhausting 82-game season so such a proposal may not be feasible, and if it did there's no guarantee this idea would make the all-star game more entertaining. But given the current state of the its all-star game has become, what would it hurt for the NBA to give it a try?

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