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Hi, my name is Jake. I am a fun guy and enjoy hanging out with my friends. My best friend is Beth, I will go right ahead and give her a shoutout! I enjoy roller coasters, and have a hobby for them. I enjoy going on any roller coaster, anytime! I am fifteen and live in Illinois.

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Favorite Music & Artists:

I listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers. They are great. Also, I enjoy this one song called "I don't wanna be" by Gavin DeGraw. This is a great song and should give it a try.

Favorite Books & Authors:

I'm really not a reader. I try to get into books, but it doesn't work.

Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Stars & Directors:

Favorite movies would be, hmmm, this is a hard one. I like Dumb and Dumber! I enjoy watching a lot of shows. I watch a lot of wrestling. Yes, I know it is sad that I am fifteen and still watch wrestling, but I just like it. However, I don't get magazines for it or buy stupid t-shirts for it like a crazy mad man.

Favorite Web Sites:

http://rcdb.com (external link) 
http://yahoo.com (external link) 
http://addictinggames.com (external link) 
http://ebay.com (external link) 

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