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109 days ago

Whatever will Ralphie do when this site finally does go black? He'll have to scour around for some other venue for his puerile nonsense.

Now go ahead and call me a drunk Ralph. Maybe you can dredge up the Groucho Marx line you normally use (without of course attributing it) about putting a wick in my mouth and using me as a lamp.

Forget about Frank's wife, Ralph. Tell us how it feels to be a pathetic, moral, ethical and intellectual cripple with deep seated insecurities about his own self worth.

That might actually be interesting.

Oh, and when you respond, you won't be getting a response from me in return. I'm done contributing here, and effectively have been for some time. Feel free to continuing your bilious ranting in the dark.

121 days ago

Sounds good Frank. So I take this to mean that I should pop a cap in the ass of that Catholic schoolgirl who turned me down for a blowjob back in 1972?

153 days ago

Ridge, after reading this, I'm getting the germ of an idea for a remake of Outlaw Josey Wales featuring the Cadbury Bunny and some gatling guns. You in?

177 days ago

You think its funny.

Trust me, she's the the fuckin' Terminator.

She'll be sent from SKYLAB to exterminate us all.

177 days ago

Since the old harridan's first comment about me was to ask my (now-ex) wife what she saw in a "short little asshole like that," I tried my best to make that face every chance I got.

Truth is, I was trying to give the bitch a stroke.

Didn't work though.

She's still around, poisoning the galaxy, so tough that cancer has taken five cracks at her and still not beaten her. I'm hoping for a round of Ebola or Dengue fever.

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185 days ago

Or Fred Lynn

185 days ago

Review Icon irishgit reviewed Crocs in Shoe Brands:
I'd sooner stick my feet in a garbage bag.

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187 days ago

Are collectively giving thanks for the Astros appearance in their division, finally giving them an opponent they might actually win a series against.

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188 days ago

Much is being made of the vast improvements this team made in the offseason, and some of the Canadian media types are hyperventilating at the thought of a Series title, if not a dynasty.

I'm not convinced. Buerhle has never pitched well against the AL east, Reyes appears to be on the downside of his career (although still effective) and I'm hard pressed to think of the last team that made a knuckleballer the ace of the staff and had any significant success doing it. Add to that the fact that the rest of the rotation is suspect (any takers for Romero? Thought not.) and their other key position player is a headcase with a penchant for injury.

They'll probably be better than usual, but I don't see more than 90 wins here, and I doubt if that will be enough to win more than a wild card spot, if that.

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188 days ago

Not a chance.

If there was any justice their despicable greedhead of an owner would have to spend each week of the season confined to the stocks in the main concourse of every other MLB stadium.

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