Robert E. Lee

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Robert E. Lee 4

America seems to always love an underdog, and that was certainly the position that Robert E. Lee took as the commander of the Army of Northern Virginia. Although most Americans have a hard time defending the South's stance during the Civil War, Robert E. Lee's decision to fight to defend his home state against an attacking army is usually honored. He seems like an honorable person, who would have probably stayed true to his state's decision no matter what side of the argument they were on. His decisions at Gettysburg have been rightfully criticized ever since they were made, but he also made numerous decisions that helped the South survive the attack from the North. As a person who is able to see the gray instead of black and white, Robert E. Lee was a good person who ended up on the wrong side of a decisive fight.

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Robert E. Lee 4

Over the last fifty years, my respect and affection have grown for Lee. I don't know if I will live long enough for him to become a five particularly because of the mad attack on the third day of Gettysburg.

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