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Added on 01/06/2008
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02/04/2011 1

I have tracked their last 6 alerts and all 6 stocks are now selling for less than their peak on the day of the tip. The pattern is consistent: significant run ups the days before the tip. Peak at opening on tip day. Run down from there.

The only ones guaranteed a profit are those who bought before the tip was released and sold early on the day of the tip.

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01/13/2011 1

Junk spammer that is somehow able to bypass junk mail filters. Not worth the digits used to disseminate the worthless thoughts. Not sure how I got on their distribution list and wish they would go away. No better than a Nigerian letter.

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hotstockedstin ks
06/01/2009 1 web site lists inaccurate information about people who don't want to be on their web site and refuses to remove them upon request. lists people as working at places they don't work with titles they don't and never had and with other inaccurate information. also allows anyone to post pretty much anything in the comments and doesn't do anything to track who said it so people can track down and litigate if inaccurate postings are made. There are more people posting information about other people's sex lives, divorces and extramarital affairs on than actual useful information. Apparently does not monitor comments in addition to posting inaccurate information themselves.

Additionally is spamming search engines with this bogus information. Their site is set up in such a way that every page basically repeats the same information and changes just a few words. Complaining to Google about to get bogus pages out of search engine rankings does no good. Google says you have to contact the web site owner however doing so does not good. After many contacts my name is still on their site. I know they are getting my requests because they replied to one and did remove one comment upon request but what I have actually requested is that they remove my name from their site entirely. They still have me listed as working at a place I do not work. lists some contact information for their site in a foreign company. I got a response in English from them with someone who definitely has a grasp of the English language based on the response so they cannot pull the don't speak English, didn't understand your request card.

The domain was registered at using their DomainsByProxy service which basically hides the domain name and the site is hosted in the US. I'm guessing the owner of this site is actually in the US despite the listing using a foreign address on the site. I wonder if it is illegal to post a bogus address on a site?

As far as where is hosted, at this particular time a ping returns which resolves to this network: iWeb Technologies Inc. IWEB-BLK-02 (NET-64-15-128-0-1) - iWeb Dedicated HD IWEB-HD-T4101SH (NET-64-15-136-96-1) - I contacted the web host of this domain previously and was told to contact which did no good either.

Apparently if someone is posting bogus information about you on the web like and the users do - you have no recourse. Maybe if enough people complain to Google,, iWeb and people in government who may be able to pass laws related to posting bogus information about other people - something can be done to change the actions of and other sites like it.

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02/23/2009 3

No opinion. just subscribed

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