Meet the Robinsons

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Meet the Robinsons 3

Seeing that the future is based on what people do now, makes one feel theat thangs can go for the worst or best- decisions are important, and whatever decision is made, you can't cant take it back, even if it is a bad past, human nature learns from its mistakes and looks for alternates.
That movie does show a lot of keeping to one's ambitions and forgetting and learning from failures. If you do see the quote from Walt at the end, it is someting to take into account for all your lives: "Keep moving forward."

The movie was all right to see, but of course, the T. rex that was advertised on TV did a lot less than expected. It was interesting science fiction, and it did give me guffaws now and then. I did feelsmewaht bored, but the plot was good enough t to show that even though a time machine can help change one's past, it will alter the future dramtiacally. The animation was not bad- Pixar and others will rival Disney for status of being the best company for CGI movies.

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