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abichara (67)
Some aspects of libertarianism, such as eliminating Social Security and other drastic cutbacks in government services strike me as rather impractical, as least from a political standpoint. But I believe that Ron Paul and many libertarians are spot on when it comes to monetary policy reform, something which many conventional economists tend to ignore.

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FURBjr (0)
Like Barry Goldwater, and Robert Taft before him, this candidate is against intervening at home and abroad, and may even restore the Constitutional Republic our nation once enjoyed.

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GenghisTheHun (183)
Elsewhere I always gave Paul an ace or a deuce in rating as he is so weird. I give him a three, here, because of his stand against the War in Iraq and the Bush Administration's financial profligacy.

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CanadaSucks (51)
A du-jour candidate on campuses as evidenced by the number of flyers and buzz one could hear several months ago at certain colleges- but as the poet said- "Not with a bang but with a whimper."

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fitman (52)

If he didn't want to abolish every federal program that helps the handicapped, poor and elderly, this left libertarian might consider voting for him.


Although he's just a footnote to the story of this election cycle, I've been wondering just how he planned to deal with ramifications from abolishing Social Security, HUD, foodstamps, and every other federal program that helps prevent starvation and homelessness for the elderly and handicapped? I suspect he'd have to spend every cent saved on law enforcement, and even then he'd fail to prevent mass rioting and total chaos.

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Strijdom (8)
Ron Paul is a real citizen's politician, with radical policies, but would be able to run America the right way.

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wingspin (0)
Disband the IRS. Hooray! Oh wait, how would we pay for stuff like national defense?

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Ben999 (10)
He's a joke that has no chance at winning the GOP nomination. Anyone who believes if we pull out all of our troops from overseas there will be no more attacks on Americans, clearly doesnt know what is going on in the world.

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numbah16tdhaha (164)
Aside from the signs I have no clue who he is. I could meet him on the sidewalk and not know its him, so how am I supposed to vote for the crackhead?

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Donovan (141)
I like a lot of what he says he will do if elected but he will never get the vote. Paul is a long shot that doesn't stand a chance.

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James76255 (25)
A hardcore Libertarian, and like most hardcore Libertarians he's a little on the nutty side. I agree with a lot of his stances and I like the Libertarian view that a lot of things should be or remain state issues. It's the extremist views I really don't like, and the fact that some things would require radical change, which isn't always the best thing. Putting what is often the oxymoron of "federal programs" and "helping people" aside for a moment, if things were the way they should be I might be able to show a little more support for Ron Paul. As things are, he's just a little scary.

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louiethe20th (79)
Ron has quite a few really good ideas, but, on the other hand, he has alot of really insane ideas. The only guy wackier would be Kucinich(the Vulcan guy).

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luridlloyd (11)
He has the most support of any Libertarian I can remember. I think when he doesn't get the Republincan nomination, he should run as what he is, a Libertarian. The "conservative" Republicans have left Paul's philosophy way behind. Spend and Borrow, New Wold Order Economy, Police the whole Earth, etc...

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