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Item added by nesher. Added on 11/14/2007
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I joined BlogCatalog recently and I must say I am TRULY DISGUSTED by my experience on this website.

Before I begin though let me share a little about myself.

Blogging is my hobby.
I am very proud of my health and fitness blog and spend a great deal of time looking for ways to effectively promote my blog.

But, I am not a spammer.

Every piece of advice and information on my blog is free. I also sell no products through my blog.
In fact, my blog is one of the few blogs on the Internet that does not contain Google AdSense.

To make a long story short, paying for blog promotion to me is the equivalent of paying for sex: I would never dream of doing it.

Therefore, when I signed up for BlogCatalog I refused to pay them to "make my blog visible" or "support the community" as they like to put it.

This made my blog practically invisible. Now, I decided to be proactive and join the discussion forums.

I have never encountered a more hostile environment. As a blogger freedom of speech lies at the heart of my core values. And I thought I would be free to express that right in a discussion forum run by other bloggers. WAS I WRONG ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!

Everytime I opened my mouth to make a comment about a discussion topic I violated some community "rule". I was ofcourse informed of this by BlogCatalog.

So, I decided to read their "rules and guidelines" and came to the realization that at BlogCatalog one has "FREEDOM OF SPEECH WITH STRINGS ATTACHED" .

Ofcourse, these "rules and guidelines" are designed to not alienate or offend any of the members who "support the community" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

As a blogger and as a believer in freedom of speech I find this practice repulsive.

The funny thing is that I blog about health and fitness and the discussions that I joined where related to America's obesity problem....But, I guess my opinion was not deemed politically correct enough :/

I hate to see how political or feminist bloggers are treated on this website.........

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