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ItemImageThe album 'Roll the Bones' was released in 1991, and includes the songs 'Dreamline', 'Bravado' and 'Roll the Bones'.

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GreggOrange (18)
The day that these three are all lined up against a wall and unceremoniously shot to death the world of rock and roll should cheer!

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Humorbot (23)
How can Rush ever be anything else other than the "Masters of Rock?"

This album has Roll the Bones and Bravado on it, which means its "teh rul00rz"

You can shoot me now.

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Jonnn (0)
I'd give it 5 just for the cover
But the music more than justifies my narrowmindedness (A)

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ILikePie (54)
My first and arguably favourite Rush album. It has no weak points, and even includes the classics 'Dreamline', 'Bravado' and 'Roll the Bones'...
And even the cover is awesome...

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