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Think Chewbacca... (Add picture)

This item was submitted by numbah16tdhaha (162) on 9/28/2007 5:08:04 PM.

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numbah16tdhaha (162)

ohooooorahwowo ahc wwhuwh wwoorc wohoworcrooowhwo! UPDATE: Just so everyone knows, I list this and Galactic Basic (AKA English) as the languages I speak on my Ebay profile.

UPDATE:ahww rooohu oaanahoaorwowa aoacwo anahwhor rooohu oarawh rhwo ahwh oowh aoacwo shooorwo ohacwowh whhuscrhraac akoocaoc ahwh aoacwo ohooooorahwowo aooowhrrhuwo

UPDATE: Fro, you have angered the wookiees...

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oscargamblesfro (82)
I think this is what those Justice League Fictions are written in or halfway translated from... "Baron Guthbert is campaigning versus the grors, they have evil twisted the Queen with rays of gammas in a most unfriendsome manner. Watch as the qualtex destabilizer enters the system...Villains all!"

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ILikePie (54)
Well if anyone has seen the true 'Wookieepedia', that's in mock Shyriiwook.
It's always fun to hear and imitate; everyone can understand it ("Groooar"... "Not now, Chewie"), but no one seems to be able to speak it...

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XAgent (30)
I speak it fluently:

wwhuwh wwoorc aoacwo ohacooanwo wwrascahanro!

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