Hugh Duffy 1894 (NL)

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Hugh Duffy 1894 (NL) 4

One of the better hitters of the 1890's, mostly played for a powerful Braves team. The 1890's was a high average era with some big differences, so Duffy's numbers, particularly a gargantuan average well over .400 that year, aren't really as impressive as they appear. Still, he was a legitimately good player and did enough to merit his selection to the Hall. Duffy was a power hitter by the standards of the time, he could run, and was a highly regarded fielder and a big part of the teams' success in winning pennants in 1892, 93, 97, and 98... A Rhode Island native and a baseball lifer who was involved in the game as a player manager, scout, coach, etc for a really, really long time- from the 1880's all the way into the 1950's.

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