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Overall Rating:4.43 based on 7 ratings
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trebon1038 (62)
Really, what are these people thinking?

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HistoryFan (98)
Weeks after the garage sale is over, these signs are still up around my neighborhood.

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Sierrasstar (4)
You can never see them from the car ever? Don't people understand to make the sgin big enough so someone can actually see it from the road.

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 2 agree)
CastleBee (81)
Since I was a kid and first started seeing garage/yard sale signs popping up, I had to wonder what some people were thinking with the crappy home-made illegible stuff they were slapping up. Did they think that just maaaybe 2 inch letters MIGHT not be visable from two feet away let alone 20? Was the goal to communicate the whereabouts of their junk sale or cause car accidents? And did they give any thought at all to the materials they used vs weather conditions? Let's face it - that sign has one goal and if it can't be read it's just a piece of litter tacked to a post.

It's gotten better over the years with the availability of commercially produced signs but, ya still gotta wonder some times.

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Molfan (57)
not to mention yard sale signs that are not taken down after the sale is over. We once had a sale with a sign on the telephone pole. someone else decided to have one at the same time. so instead of sharing the post they tore ours down threw them on the ground so theirs could be the only one up. geez can't people share?

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MissPackRat4Jesus (38)
If a yard sale sign is too sloppy, people won't be able to read it to locate the sale. Anyone who is guilty of this should not be surprised if they are lacking customers.

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LadyJesusFan777 (33)
I like yard sales, but if there's anything that would turn me away from one, it would be an unreadable sign. If they don't take pride in making their sign up, they couldn't take pride in much of anything else.

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