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It may have potential in invading one's privacy.Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:3.75 based on 4 ratings
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This item was submitted by MissPackRat4Jesus (38) on 8/2/2007 10:42:19 AM.

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It will cause more problems between reviewers
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MissPackRat4Jesus (38)
I can't believe RateItAll has sunk to this level.

UPDATE: I didn't mean to sound harsh, so I really apologize for that. But, I just didn't understand why something like a widget is even needed.

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oscargamblesfro (76)
It could be one of those 'curiosity killed the cat' sorts of things. I generally think that the term invading one's privacy, while certainly true, should be reserved for more serious matters, such as if a ( hypothetical! I didn't really do this) reviewer became so enraged at the commentless 1 you left for the band .38 Special or for Walmart's Sam's Choice grape juice that it drove them over the edge, they drove 800 miles to your house and they got in commando gear and crashed through your window with a grenade while you were in flagantre delicto with a hooker a good fifteen years older than you are.. now that's what I call an invasion of privacy. I have to say that the widget is tempting, and I peeked, but I wasn't surprised except for one fairly well known reviewer who I've never really had any contact with whatsoever... but really who cares? Really, I don't mean to be bombastic or sanctimonious, but in the real world people are dying, being brutalized, and being oppressed on a daily basis, and here on RIA there's a bunch of 7th grade level squabbles, witchhunts, ratting on people, and McCarthy-like behavior over differences of opinion, and lists of favorite football uniforms and such...

  (8 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
numbah16tdhaha (147)
I wouldn't say RIA has sunk to any level, but the potenential for abuse in this thing is astounding. Its the ultimate weapon for the flame warrior and now nobody is safe. *rolls eyes*

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