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Ok Cleveland has gotten a HUGE bad rap over the years. And some of it is deserved, some not.
Sure there is big unemployment and some bad winter action, but Cleveland has some great things that people need to know about. And I'm not talking about Lebron James. I'm talking about art potential. I have tons of friends who did art in Cleveland, then moved onto NYC or LA or Chicago and have done less art in those towns. The reason? Expense. Cleveland is affordable for the artist. You can get HUGE loft space for CHEAP. I won't quote prices, but CHEAP! So you can spend your time MAKING ART, not just trying to survive. And the music scene is really starting to pop in Cleveland. There are some great producers and studios in the city and the musicians are starting to break. Again, you can explore and make mistakes in Cleveland before taking things nationally. The Lake is fantastic as well. Maybe not the cleanest, but the city sits right on it, and it just adds a cool vibe. Even the lofts that overlook the city are fairly inexpensive by bigger city standards. Let's talk weather. Besides a few months of cold and gray and snow--Cleveland has good weather. Like in the summer---cool, sunny and very mild. Ever been south in summer???
Cleveland is a paradise in the spring, summer and fall. So take a couple winter trips to the sun.
So the bottom line is---if you want to make art, get cheap city housing and be part of a city on the rise---check out Cleveland, Ohio.

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