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Fred Thompson (R)

Overall Rating:Average Rating (2.55) based on 11 ratings

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irishgit (122)
Personable, and looks good in a suit, but there isn't much here.

Some sizzle, but no steak.
abichara (56)
This guy strikes me as someone who isn't too bright. But he's friendly, has charisma, and comes across well on TV, all of which automatically makes him a top contender for the Presidency! That, along with the ability, or should I say, willingness, to sell yourself off to the special interests, is everthing you need to be successful in politics at a high level today.

Conservatives are really looking hard to find the next Ronald Reagan, but I just don't see it in this guy!  He didn't do much with his time in the Senate, and in fact, he retired early out of frustration with his ability to get anything done.  It would be much better for the party to select someone who actually wants the job, that way they'll fight harder for it.
blue47 (11)
Oh good grief! Another actor....2
CanadaSucks (38)
No nice way to say this: only a complete imbecile would vote for Thompson. . .but the disgust with intellectualism clearly is at an all-time high with dubya stealing one election and actually winning another. . .5
AutzenMaven (75)
Ronnie say, "No Way!"

Jed1000 (77)
He was good in 'The Hunt For Red October.' Given the competition that probably makes him the most qualified candidate in the bunch. Still, I'd find it hard to vote for someone who's politics are slightly to the right of Attila the Hun's. Too polarizing.8
GenghisTheHun (157)
Let's see now. We have Hillary, Obama, Edwards, McCain, Romney, Rudy G. and now Fred Thompson.

Why does Fred look so attractive? Hmmmmm!
louiethe20th (65)
My candidate without any question in my mind! The best potential GOP candidate since Reagan! I would look forward to a debate between him and any of the Democratic candidates. No longer would the intelligence and speaking ability be questioned and made fun of. Fred is a take no prisoners kind of a guy, just what the doctor ordered.8
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