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Suspension of disbelief

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kamylienne (76)
While it's nice to examine a film and critique how it was made, I'd like to do that AFTER I finish watching the movie.  I'd much rather be absorbed in the storyline rather than be impressed by how "artsy" the film is or ask "how did they do that?".  Major factor in how I enjoy my movies.2
Ridgewalker (118)
This is something that the director and producers must go to sleep praying for every night. From an artistic point of view, this is as desirable to a film maker as it is to almost any artist. Leonardo Da Vinci probably hoped that people wouldn't walk away from the Mona Lisa thinking, "So? It's a girl..." Certain films require an audience to forget about their lives and allow the director to opiate them. Fantasies, science fiction, musicals and even fact-based works that strenuously attempt to recreate reality require the audience to surrender themselves like a wooed lover for 90 minutes. Resisting this generally leaves a viewer flat. A good example would be Pulp Fiction. The same material in a comic book would absorb a reader. On film, there is a sharp dividing line between those who liked it and those who loathed it. But, the film was a comic book with motion. Personally, I rarely have trouble suspending my disbelief when I go into a theater. I'm all yours! Take me for a ride. One particular example where I know I wasn't in the mood was "Moon Struck". Everyone loved it, it won the awards and I was as entertained as patient in a full body cast. I think it's all about how receptive of a mood you're in. And it's the film maker's job to get you in the mood...quickly.3
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