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Improving Our SchoolsGet Rating Widget!

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EschewObfuscation (61)

As in most situations, depending on a monolithic body, like the federal government, to conceive, plan, implement and monitor a solution to such a multi-headed, complex cesspool of problems, is about as likely to produce success as holding a city-wide rain dance and requiring all residents of the city to donate $10,000 per year to the rain dance. You might not need your umbrella today. The solution, if there ever could be one, would be local, not nation-wide.

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Loerke (46)
There's a nice essay in this month's Harper's about how Americans have always seemed to think that educational institutions are the solution to everything. The schools perpetually get critiqued as overfunded and underfunded. What's really involved is a kind of collective fantasy that we have as a democratic society, in which we expect the schools to make up for all the other inequalities in society. Yet no matter how good a classroom is, it can't save a kid who doesn't get food at night, has no health insurance, and comes to school without shoes. As Schadenfreudianslip said, the real problem here is the way schools are funded by districts with unequal amounts of wealth. Ensuring that each pupil has the same amount of money devoted to him or her would be a major step toward distributing wealth more equally.

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louiethe20th (74)
Improving our schools is not going to be done by throwing tons of money at them.

Washington DC has the highest dollars spent per child in
America and yet they consistently finish well below the other schools across the nation in performance.

It starts at home by building good character in your children and by hiring top notch teachers. The NEA sees to it that our under performing teachers maintain their jobs no matter how poor of a teacher they are.

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SchadenfreudianSlip (18)
On a talk show, I heard a former H.S. principal and board of education member state that public schools are funded based on surrounding median property values. If this is so, no wonder the worst schools remain in decrepit parts of cities. Not that money is the answer to education ills, but when schools receive disparate funding problems emerge.

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blue47 (12)
Probably the most pressing issue today. We need more math, science social studies, reading and government. Look what we've been electing in the past years. We need a better more informed electorate. We need standard raised and more parental involvement.

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CanadaSucks (45)
Money will never, ever solve one single problem in schools until American parents stop making excuses for their overweight and pampered kids who cannot compete (in terms of science and math) with most other industrialized nations. . .check out the makeup of grad students in the science, math, and technology wings at your local top-30 graduate school and count the foreign students- the home-grown talent is sparse, kids, and it will really hurt us unless we start making our kids study and stop blaming those oh-so-bad teachers who are forced to dumb-down curriculum because teachers are systematically forced to pass almost everyone. . .you reap what you sow. . .

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kamylienne (77)
Again, I think everyone is "for" improving our schools. I don't see anyone that's protesting schools for kids. The only argument here is how to get them to improve.

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