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Alberto Gonzales

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This item was submitted by SchadenfreudianSlip (19) on 6/4/2007 3:26:49 PM.

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abichara (54)
Gonzalez is generally regarded as a weak administrator with bad political instincts. I think he's way in over his head at the Justice Department, but for whatever reason, most likely to have a political loyalist in a high position, Bush continues to keep him on there. 2
freemantle6 (0)
Unbelieveable, just stunning wicked puppet2
edt4 (87)
A lying scoundrel and criminal. What's especially infuriating is that he's not a Ponzi-style crook you could half-heartedly admire because of his criminal ingenuity and brilliance. No, Gonzales is a mediocre punk. He must have that perpetual Paris Hilton type smirk on his ugly face because of the unquestioning support and loyalty of his even more mediocre boss. No matter what Gonzales does, no matter how much he lies and distorts and "doesn't remember", his boss thinks he's doing a "great job". My question is, has to be: What would this guy have to do before Dubya rubbed his empty monkey head and said, "My God, what was I thinking when I appointed this guy? Did the drugs and alcohol really take that much of a toll back when I was a cheerleader?"6
SchadenfreudianSlip (19)
He's for torture, he's against your privacy, he's petitioning ill men for their signatures, he's everything you want in a mafia consigliere, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's 'Bertie Gonzales!4
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