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Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw Suspended for Game Five of Spurs / Suns Series

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Following a flagrant foul by the Spurs Robert Horry in the waning minutes of the Suns victory over the Spurs in Game 4, Stoudemire and Diaw left the bench area and moved towards where Nash lay on the ground. Assistant coaches immediately pulled them back. The NBA suspended Stoudemire and Diaw for Game 5, while suspending Horry for two games.

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numbah16tdhaha (136)
This is disgraceful. We have been getting screwed by those godawful referees this whole time and now this? The reason they came off of the bench is another dirty play happened where a Spurs player took it upon himself to try to injure Steve Nash. Yes, this isn't the first whack they have taken at us where the refs and league failed to step in. Bowen tried a knee to the groin and also kicked Stat in the ankle in game 2. We are had again just like 1993 where the NBA decided to ref the Bulls nice so they could three-peat. Thanks, NBA, you're not getting me to watch anymore of this crap. Wake me up when its done. Hey, I just had a thought. Lets put in Pat Burke (I know. Who?) and let him bounce 'ole Tim Duncan's head off the hardwood to even things out. If they can do it than we should frickin' retaliate!

NUMBAH'S REQUEST FOR THE SUNS: Gimme a one game contract and I'll handle everything. I'm no basketball player but I got a PHD in pain from the Marines.
magellan (128)
This is a huge deal in the NBA. Many believe that the winner of the Suns / Spurs series will win the NBA champtionship. Suspending Amare and Diaw is an enormous loss for the Suns, and puts them at a big disadvantage for the pivotal game 5. While I understand that Stern runs the NBA with an iron fist and that rules are rules, this is a real bummer. Horry makes a dirty play, Nash's teammates move to protect him, and now the Suns are screwed. **Here's a perspective from Howard Lindzon - a huge Suns fan.**

**Man do I love the Sports Guy.  He's able to connect the Stoudemire / Diaw Travesty with Bruce "Dirty" Bowen
GeneXAgent (18)
(Clears Throat) B freaking S! 3
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
Significant for the series, and quite maybe the title. Horry should be out for the series. Amare and Boris should be fined, not suspend. But it is only one game, and it's a home game. The Suns should be able to absorb it.3
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