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Dirk Nowitzki Selected NBA MVP

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Nowitzki, MVP (Add picture)

This item was submitted by irishgit (116) on 5/14/2007 12:21:17 PM.

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Ventoux1 (14)

I live in the Dallas area, and I have to say that Dirk as MVP is good, well-deserved, but still leaves a funny taste in my mouth.  Dirk is still primarily a jump shooter and I guess I expect the MVP to have a more well-rounded game.  I like Dirk and he is a great player.  But if he doesn't learn to pass better it is going to hurt him.  Nellie said "turn Dirk into a passer, not a shooter" and beat him with that philosophy.  Also, Dirk has gone to the rim more and improved his defense, but not enough.  Still, he was clearly the best player on the best team during the regular season.

As for Nash, he seems like a decent human and a great player.  But any player who thinks that it is OK to use the sports pulpit for political purposes, particularly anti-armed forces political purposes when we have troops in harms way, when he is getting paid American dollars in an American league, and he isn't even American - sorry, that type should never be MVP in my book.  

Just about every employee in the US can get fired for practicing politics on the job.  So how can these clown athletes, many of whom, if they finished high school, have not finished college or skated through with a sports management degree, get to use national media to push a political agenda.  It should be written into every professional sports employment contract that political statements cannot be made in any way, shape, or form on the playing field or at any team or league supported or sponsored media event.  I don't want to see George Bush play basketball, and I don't care what Steve Nash thinks about the conflict in Iraq, or anything else for that matter!  Just play ball Little Stevie!

irishgit (116)
While Nowitzki is not an undeserving choice, it is hard not to think that voters were going "Not Steve Nash again" when they picked him, much the same way they seem to have in selecting Malone over Jordan in 96-97.

Nash's stats this year are actually better than his previous MVP seasons, and while Nowitzki was the best player on the best team in the regular season, he does not seem to be able to lead a team the way Nash does.
magellan (128)
He had a great year, and his team had a great year.  However, the playoff series against Golden State exposed the problems with this choice as MVP.  By the nature of his game, Dirk just doesn't dominate games the way that a Baron Davis, Steve Nash, Tracy McGrady or Tim Duncan do.  If Dirk isn't scoring, he's not really impacting the game the way these other guys do.  Dirk wasn't the best player in the Warriors / Mavs series - as such, it's tough to see him crowned the best player in the league.3
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