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28 Weeks Later

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After a killer virus wipes out London, refugees return to face a new danger. (Add picture)

This item was submitted by Shroomwoman (12) on 5/10/2007 6:03:19 PM.

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kamylienne (76)
I gotta disagree with the item description that reads " . . . refugees return to face a new danger".  Nope.  Same deal, different people.

SYNOPSIS:  For some unknown reason, NATO forces led by the US Army decide that a country that had been ravaged by a horrible virus that turns everyone into killer zombie-like things in the matter of seconds is somehow fit for repopulation just over six months after the outbreak. A series of monumental "bad calls" ensues.  In the middle of it all, the chief medical officer in charge finds out that there's a family out there who might have a genetic resistance to the virus.  Hopefully they're also genetically predisposed to be able to run like hell, too.

PROS/GENERAL COMMENTS:  Interesting "what if" scenario.  Nothing special in the cinematography, but there really doesn't need to be.  Lots of gratuitous violence, but it's kind of the point of the movie.

CONS:  With everything going FUBAR, it seems like there's no way that anyone could make that many bad calls in policy.  But, then again, I've been wrong before on that one . . .

OVERALL:  Okay, but might want to wait for matinee prices or for it to come out on DVD.
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