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Gun Control

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AutzenMaven (75)
I already control my guns...thanks anyway.4
GeneXAgent (18)
Like criminals get their guns the legal way.4
numbah16tdhaha (138)
Doesn't work anyways. Take DC, for example. No legal guns, high crime rate and always a leader in murder.5
jgls (5)

if you want to infringe upon my right to bear arms, obtain the votes necessary to amend the 2nd amendment. until then, keep your filthy hands off my guns.

chicagoman (10)
There are ups and downs to owning a gun, but most americans don't need them inless they live in bad areas. A lot of people think they need a gun but they live in a place that would never disturbed.2
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
Gun control is a good idea. If you don't control your gun, some innocent bystander could get hurt!4
pugwash01 (14)

To just put up Gun control is a double edged sword, as there is Gun control in the USA!!!! Yes it would be good if there was more control, ALLOT MORE! (The police would love it, I'm sure.) There are laws and rules in place, but they have and will always be broken. We must see that WE are responsible to be more vigilant and less afraid to speak up about things seen, before and after. (Especially when it comes to crime!!!) I'm sure that if there were people around that really gave a damn, allot of crime would be OFF the streets and allot of mistakes would NEVER happen. It's US that needs to change, not the Gun control!!!!!!Updated due to bad English and spelling. 04/25/2007 10:50am

GenghisTheHun (157)
I have stated this before, but I have so many guns that I am banned in sixteen states, Canada, and many foreign countries.

However, I believe in gun control. You gotta lean on something when you are shooting. That steadies your aim, and gives much better control!
brn2ovrcm (5)
I was glad  to see this topic in print.The last couple of years we have seen a rise in deaths of the brave men who "Protect and Serve" in our local communities.They are outgunned,they are out numbered as the numbers of our country's criminal element have uncreased and people who used to declare that they lived in "safe" areas no longer feel safe. The criminals have automatic weapons while our local police have handguns.Something is really wrong with that picture.We need to rethink our strategies.First,we need to find a way to pair up policemen so they are not ambushed anymore(I've  lost count of the number of police wives that received word that their husband and father to their children won't be coming home ever again),we need to find a way to increase revenue so these men can do their job.Second,the police agencies need more funding to operate the regional task forces already in place.We need more funding to supply our police officers with automatic weapons so that they are not outgunned anymore.We need more financial resources to better pay incentives than ever before because recruitment enrollment percentages have dropped( a no-brainer there),it is a dangerous job.Third of all,we need to change laws so that when one of us citizens find someone commiting a crime in our own home we can shoot first and not have to wait until a criminal shoots us or one our family members.And fourth,we need to love our community children enough to provide activity centers that everyone can use so that our youth have an alternative to connecting to a criminal element.2
Donovan (110)
Bad idea, I have worked around law enforcement a big part of my life and I know the bad guys will get the guns if they want them. People need to be smart with guns but government should not control our right to bear arms.5
SchadenfreudianSlip (19)

Awash in the media's slobbering Angst du Jour, it's amazing the crap we'll either support or not.  I want to know when the White House will officially call for half-masting Old Glory for those who died in Iraq.  What makes them less worthy than college students gunned down by someone other than Sunni or Shi'a snipers or boobytrappers?  Don't get me wrong:  I'm taking nothing away from the pathos of VTU, it's just that it's time for a little perspective, imho.

Sure...take away my right to privacy; take away my right to have my vote count; take away my right to inquire why I'm being imprisoned; take away my right to have a trial by jury; go ahead, take the guns, arrows, slingshots, knives, mortars, "assault" weapons, hurtful words, spiteful looks, drugs, pornography...why not just take away my gall bladder by the conveniently located rectum?

Sooner or later--and I really shudder to consider what that later will look like, given our propensity for being as patient as an idiot savant--you won't be able to smile, because it'll be taxed, repo'd, or both.

X Factor Z (12)
I don't know, all I know, though, that it is easy for a crazed lunitic to buy a semi-automatic handgun, but a 20 year old can't buy a beer legally. I'd rather see 15 year olds smoking than these out of control gun laws we have that allows the likes of Cho to obtain dangerous weapons. I'd want something that makes sense, not just banning gans...(PS in the "old west", many sheriffs et al did try to ban guns from their towns)!!!2
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