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Welcome To The Monkey House - Kurt Vonnegut's (DL) (iNetVideo.com)$17.99
Vonnegut in America: An Introduction to the Life and Work of Kurt Vonnegut (Alibris)$1.99
Slaughterhouse Five (Netflix)$4.99
Timequake (HanBooks.com | Korean Books, CDs & DVDs)$16.04
1 Giant Leap (KMART)$17.99

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Overall Rating: 3.88 based on 8 ratings
Author Kurt Vonnegut died in April of 2007. Vonnegut's works include "Breakfast of Champions" and "Slaughterhouse Five." (Add picture)

This item was submitted by magellan (140) on 4/13/2007 12:30:41 AM.

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Kurt Waldheim
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reeny (3)
i was indeed a very sad day. RIP Mr. Vonnegut.
FranksWildYears (41)
A tremendously influential writer in the later hallf of the twentieth century. Slaughterhouse Five is about a man coming "unstuck in time" and floating freely between the past, present and future. That was about as bound by the rules as Kurt Vonnegut's writing ever got. He could stray from the narrative and talk about his life, bring in characters form his other books and genrally let you wander freely through his imagination. Often imitated never matched.
Donovan (123)
From what IJR says alone he must have been a great writer indeed. He loved his family and I know he will be missed by them and the faithful followers of his books.
zuchinibut (33)
Never read any of his books, so I'm not really familiar with him.
irishgit (123)
To quote Kurt:

"So it goes."
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