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Is force nessary when it concerns rogue countries and dictators?

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EschewObfuscation (66)
Why would it be relevant who the US backed previoulsy and why?  That discussion is germaine in deciding waht went wrong. We need to decide whom to support NOW.  This is a crisis.  A history lesson and its resultant guilt is a distraction.   The paralysis of analysis is not helpful now, we need a decision and some leadership.  Either get on with it or get out of the way.6
trebon1038 (55)
I think we all know that we backed Saddam at one time and who against?  Iran....anyone else feel a little deja vu here?  I have a hard time however just letting people like Saddam killed thousands of their own people just because they can...I just wish a few more countries had backed us and maybe this mess would be over.5
pugwash01 (11)

I agree with what AutzenMaven says to a point! I'm in no way a warmonger, but I do feel that there is a need on some occasions to intervene. We should not become the Police of this world, agreed. But we, who have the strength and ability to help others, should stop people from being killed inhumanly or tortured.

AutzenMaven (44)
Depends on whether or not we can take the guys, without using tactical nukes. We have to remember, from our experiences in VietNam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, that we suck at fighting a guerilla war and that air power alone doesn't do much. As much as we all would love to do the right thing, we can't continue to be the world's police force...we don't have the $$, the manpower, or the will.7
Victor83 (35)
Force is necessary when it is followed by foolish policies of appeasement. To add to what AutzenMaven said...we should never use force unless we are in it with the will to do whatever is necessary to win, period. Otherwise, leave our troops home and let them live.5
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