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I like beer.

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.00) based on 14 ratings

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Reviews for I like beer.  1-12 OF 12

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LastMessenger3 (39)
I really don't - I prefer wine!2
twansalem (9)
In the words of Homer Simpson, " Mmmm......beer."2
InsidiousDreamer (17)
Absolutely, but quality-consciousness is advised.3
IgnatiusJReilly (71)
In Heaven there is no beer,
That's why se drink it here!!

And when we are gone from here,
Our friends will be drinking all the beer!!

Every Sing!!
Everybody POLKA!!

Ridgewalker (108)
I'm giving this a "2" because I try to keep an opened mind. In fact, there has only been one beer that was remotely memorable and it was a cold Strohs at the old Tiger Stadium. That's it. I've tried others, but the temperature was the dominant quality and I can get that from water. The buzz makes me feel withdrawn. Afraid I'm a rootbeer float kind of guy, or even better yet, a Vernor's float. No beer can compete the last 2 fingers of one of those...6
CanadaSucks (35)
God's way of allowing ugly people to reproduce. . .a glorious nectar indeed!5
kamylienne (70)
I don't do beer.  But I'm not for prohibiting it from being served, either.2
Mad Hatter (33)
Nasty stuff. Somebody get me some Rum, or Tequilla!4
DynaSword1125 (24)
Ocassionally a few ice cold lowenbraus, but only in 6 full moons.4
numbah16tdhaha (129)
Randyman (90)
Nothing  to apologize for Genghis (hic).3
GenghisTheHun (143)
Yes, I like beer and I make no apologies for it, either.2
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