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I like dogs.

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Ventoux1 (11)
How I wasted so much of my life without a dog I don't know.  I'll never be without one again.  Period.3
doobiesNhof (25)
I love dogs. Golden Retrievers are my favorites but I like most other breeds also.2
LastMessenger3 (39)
Their loyalty and affection is priceless!3
starstruk (11)
Dogs know.2
numbah16tdhaha (129)
I meet new dogs every day doing satellite for people and they usually love me and think I'm there just to see them. Dogs rule...4
somalicat (13)
I prefer cats...but I don't mind dogs that look a little feline. Pomeranians are adorable. As are Shih-tzus and Pekingese. But Afghan hounds are divine.3
Enkidu (38)
Your own dog is the most wonderful creature on the planet, infinitely and unconditionally loving.  All of the other billions of dogs on earth, however, regard you with anything from curiosity or suspicion to outright hate, until you are proven to be OK.
AutzenMaven (42)

Both doggies and kitties rule the known world. I am still debating whether or not to buy another Irish Wolfhound puppy. My kitties would terrorize him. :-) 

UPDATE FOR ARISTOTLE77: You get a dog for loving companionship. You get a Glock for "security concerns and protection." LOL

Aristotle77 (28)
I don't want any dog in some way. But i like dogs when coming to security concerns and protection.2
Molfan (48)
love dogs. always have. they make life all that better when they are around. they are great companions, and so devoted , and ask for so little. cannnot imagine not having a dog.5
trebon1038 (54)
Well, my six roommates Olga, Pilot, Ben, Dot Dot, Rondo, and even the evil Ikkus are proof enough I think.5
SpartanPride (16)
IgnatiusJReilly (71)
Dogs rule, cats drool!3
aWiseguy (73)

I love my dogs to the extent that I would run into a burning house to get them out. When my boxer passed away last year I was severely depressed, I didn’t want to go threw something like that ever again but coming home and not receiving that greeting from him, it was like a hole in my life.


kamylienne (70)
I would hope so. I work at a vet's office.3
Franks Wild Years (34)
You can tell a lot about the quality of a home by the character of the dog.4
CastleBee (83)

Love, adore, treasure, and consider them a special gift from God!

Randyman (90)
Since I was a young boy, I have always had a dog as a companion. I have been lucky to have had as my friends, some great dogs. The longest (and only) time I did not have a dog, was when my dog Pepper died several years ago. It took me five years before I could have another dog in my life. That dog, now ten years old is a mixed Labrador Retriever named 'Lucky".5
Sparks42 (43)
I don't just like dogs.  I love dogs, every single one of them.3
GenghisTheHun (143)
Well, putting up with my sidekick, Black Lab, Fido, should prove something.3
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