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People Who Stare At You In Public

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lucy2 (3)
There's a co worker that does this to me.  She stares at my outfir from top to bottom and doesn't say anything.  Weird because I get the feeling she wants me to know she is judging my clothing by staring.4
LadyJesusFan777 (16)
I have had this happen to me, and it gives me a very uneasy feeling, especially when I'm at a restaurant trying to eat.  Makes me feel like I've got spinach in between my teeth, or something.4
AutzenMaven (41)

"What are you lookin' at?" - Silvio Dante

Mad Hatter (32)
Take a picture, it will last you longer!4
tracy0021 (58)
Women learn early not to make eye contact when were out in public. Unless we want to of course.5
SpartanPride (16)
Wow, quite the story Sparks. Anyway, I remember when I was 5, this little 3-year-old kept on staring at me. I realized my fly was unzipped, and boy, I wasn't happy.4
Aristotle77 (28)
It makes me bump my feet,and over i go. It's really scary, Kammylien puts it right exactly. A LIKELY SUSPECT must someone who do that.3
Sparks42 (40)
It's one thing to have someone stare at you but another to have the starer follow you home.  This happened to me, and I ended up with a stalker.  Long story short, he was arrested with a $5,000 bond.  The SOB stared at me in court!  He told the judge he couldn't take his eyes off mine as if that made it ok.  The judge was not impressed.  Neither were the prosecutors and my lawyers.  The jerk was convicted, fined the maximum and put on probation for two years.  There is also a Restraining Order saying he can never come within 500 feet of me.  It turned out he was married with a child living in the burbs.  He had been arrested at home in the presence of his family.7
MissPackRat (29)
Glancing is one thing, but staring a hole is quite another. It makes me feel somewhat uneasy. I almost have the urge to buy a camera, hand it to the person who's staring, and say, "Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer." If that doesn't stop them, nothing will.3
DynaSword1125 (24)
They like you.4
kamylienne (70)
Creepy.  Especially if they don't blink.  This one always weirds me out.6
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