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People who don't put things back where they got them! (Thanks DragonHawk)

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For example: Pens that live by the phone end up on the living room coffeetable. The broom gets left leaning agains the wall instead of put away. (Add picture)

This item was submitted by DragonHawk (3) on 3/19/2007 10:29:03 AM.

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Reviews for People who don't put things back where they got them! (Thanks DragonHawk)  1-13 OF 13

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mainepurple1974 (18)

I do that but not as much as my brothers...I am always contstenly looking for the REMOTE CONTROL....ha ha...

irishgit (116)
I see someone has met my teenage sons.7
GeneXAgent (17)
Don't like it but i have to admit i am an offender.7
StarkTruth (60)
That ranks right up there with not replacing the cap on the toothpaste... not installing the new roll of toilet paper when you empty the old one... not putting the dirty clothes in the hamper... not hanging up wet towels after you shower and leaving keys in the ignition.6
Ridgewalker (117)
I have this one handled, so it's not a problem. I took Stark on a tour. First, is the cabinet near the front door. I claimed a 10 inch x 10 inch area of the top of the cabinet. This is where my wallet, keys, ring and watch go...always. End of tour. She can do whatever she wants with the rest of the stuff in our home. Basically, this is surrendering to living with an artist. If something is missing, it's probably with her tools and is wasted by then. Oh, yah, and my Swiss Army Knife, measuring spoons and carrot peeler. These are off limits to her. If anyone of these items is not exactly where I expect them to be, well, let's just say, that I do all the cooking and I have these 40,000 Heat Unit Cayenne capsules. She'll never see it coming...9
HistoryFan (86)

  I work at a law library and I see this all the time.  People who either A) leave open books everywhere on the table and just leave (it makes it harder for me to determine if someone is still using them or not) and/or B) people who put books away in the wrong places and we have to perform a "missing book" search which involves scaling all 4-5 floors of the library looking for it.

Attorneys are better at putting books away.  They either leave them closed on the table stacked neatly (so I can put them away), on a reshelving cart (recommended), or they actually know where to put the books back according to call number (library of congress system; we don't use the dewey decimal system).

You know, when you're a kid, your parents teach you to put your toys back in the toybox when you're done using them, right?  Well, this should be applicable to the real world, too.

CanadaSucks (38)
"Where did you put my 'On Golden Pond' Soundtrack album?"2
SpartanPride (21)
Yah, I've been there, its called a dentists office, where the little toddler toys are scattered across the floor, just waiting for someone to trip on it4
aWiseguy (72)
My Daughter can't rince a dish and put it in the dishwasher on her own! She has to be told almost every time.

When she does... I tell her to throw mine in there too.
LastMessenger3 (46)
That is it! I am really picky when people take my stuff and then I have to look for them. I am a little bit too organized and like everything in places and when I don't fond my things in the places - you don't wan to be around...1
DynaSword1125 (20)
Guilty!  my tool room looks like a dang tornado hit it.3
Victor83 (37)
Depends...if the item or items belong to someone else, I alawys put them back immediately after using them. With my own stuff however...I get around to it eventually.4
DragonHawk (3)
I really hate having to pick up after other people when they could have put the thing away first! It would have taken two steps! And usually, the item goes in a closet or drawer that is on the way to where the person is going anyway!2
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