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Overall Rating: 3.96 based on 28 ratings
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cutegurl (16)
Temple square is just fabulous. The times to see it are the spring and near Christmas. In spring millions of flowers are in bloom, from roses to tulips to dasies and it is just beautiful. During Christmas every gate, branch and door at the place is wrapped in lights. The gardens look just beautiful lit up and sleeping under a white blanket of snow. I hear they start in late August and don't finish until late October. That's a lot of lights. The missionaries are very friendly and will answer your questions happily. Just tell them no thanks if you are not interested and they will leave you alone. No need to be mean.

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kattwoman (24)
its what salt lake city is known for. its a pilgrimage to mecca for the lds. but they have the right to be proud its worth seeing especially during the holidays

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UteAlum (0)
The grounds are immaculate and the Christmas lights are wonderful. However, keep in mind the primary reason they (Mormons) invest the time and energy into such things is to get folks to convert. Don't rely on the missionaries to tell you much about their theology as they are coached to steer folks away from the dirty details of their beliefs - view them as tour guides, nothing more.

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Mustard Seed (0)
Immaculately kept gardens. Christmas light display creates a neat atmosphere when there's a good sheet of snow. You will almost certainly be at the very least greeted by a Sister missionary. You can ask them questions or just look around on your own. They have quite up to date multimedia kiosks to answer questions if you prefer to avoid talking to the beautiful sister missionaries. An uplifting place even if you don't convert. Unless of course you hate Latter Day Saints before you enter in which case nothing will likely sway you. Just as if you believed before going into a Broadway musical that it was the work of the devil there's almost no way you can leave it without having found your own 'evidence' for said preconceived notion. If you can keep an open mind then a visit there will at the very least be a stroll through some beautiful grounds and past some impressive architecture.

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destfairy (0)
I live in Utah so im going to give some hints. Missonaries are posted at the entrances. To get by them use a trick I've learned with these guys. Ignore, ignore, ignore. Go in spring or at Christmas. In spring the gardens are beautiful. Thousands of flowers and trees blossiming. At Christmas the lights are so wonderful. If you are here in fall, summer or post Christmas and you are not a morman you wont be missing too much.

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kolby1973 (32)
So wonderful that words cannot express...total Mormon mecca....I love it.....

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dansimp (0)
You will never see anything this beautiful during the Christmas holiday. Wonderful

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jhenrie (0)
If you're Mormon, it's great. If you're not, don't bother, because they'll only try to convert you (hence the dozens of missionaries posted at the various doors). The architecture & gardens are beautiful, though.

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