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LEGO Community Builders Set (KinderMark)$119.70
Ultimate LEGO House Building Set by LEGO (LEGO-5482) (Kids Scandinavian Shop)$25.75
LEGO Death Star II (LEGO)$299.00
LEGO Explore Life-on-the-Farm Set (1st Quality Daycare Furniture and Supplies)$104.76
Two Sided Block Mat by Nilo (Diana Toys Store)$18.99

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Max Steel
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Molfan (48)
legos are great for kids. even one of those toys adults do not mind playing with. you can use your imagination to build all kinds of things. one of the better toys for kids. the only reason I am rating a two is that they can be quite expensive if you buy the actual kits. andP other posters have mentioned} when left on the floor it stepping on them with bare feet hurts!2
Randyman (91)
Legos were not around when I was growing up, but my kids played with them. They could be a little annoying if they were not put away and left laying around the house. Like Irishgit, I have stepped on plenty of legos barefooted. On those times they went from mildly annoying to a major pain in the rear end. I did and still do enjoy playing and building things with the kids (grandkids now).6
Jed1000 (75)
Voted the "toy of the century" by some group if I'm not mistaken. Not at all annoying.4
numbah16tdhaha (129)
Legos rule!3
SpartanPride (17)
Lego is pretty amazing, they can be a pain in the butt sometimes2
aWiseguy (74)
Great! I even let my kids play with them now and then.8
Ridgewalker (108)
I think the person who develops a "Lego Detector" will make the Forbes Top 10 Wealthiest List. You always know when the kids had the Legos out: You hear an adult in the other room, yelling, "Shit! Shit! Fuck! Shit!" accompanied by the thumping sound of one foot pounding the floor. (long silence) then..."Dammit. kids!"8
kamylienne (70)
I could see where they would be "annoying" (when they get sucked up in the vacuum cleaner, when you step on them . . . . I'm sure there are more colorful places that they were found where they shouldn't be. If anyone has an interesting story of where they have ever found a Lego brick that shouldn't have been there, please share!), but I think the benefits of Legos outweigh the negatives.

ADDITION:   . . . actually, what was annoying about Legos was that there never seemed to be enough big, flat pieces.  You know, the kind for floors and stuff.  : (
irishgit (101)
Generally I like them, and I enjoyed building stuff with my kids when they were younger.

The only reason for a slight lack of enthusiasm is the memory of the numerous times I stepped on an piece with bare or sock feet, and the quite spectacular pain which resulted.

Oh well, I guess those times served to teach my kids some new words.
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