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Overall Rating:2.75 based on 12 ratings
Fall Out Boy (Add picture)

This item was submitted by magellan (149) on 3/1/2007 11:24:55 PM.

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OceanSoul (3)
The singer has a such a pronounced gay lisp and mumbles so much that I can't understand the lyrics of their songs, which is probably a blessing. The only song I can even tolerate is Sugar, We're Going Down. As for Dance Dance and This Aint A Scene, It's An Arms Race, I consider both totally unlistenable. The members can't play, they are getting by solely on the emo/punk image that they employ.

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ojuice3112 (1)

Didn't hate them until I saw a performance of them on TV. Their drummer can play a little bit, but everyone else in the band sucks. I'm sorry, but twirling with your guitar does not make you cool. Especially when you are unable to play your intrument while doing so. Stump is totally unable to play guitar and sing simultaneously.

Note to band; Get another guitarist so Stump doesn't sound like a beached whale and for God's sake, HOLD THE FUCK STILL ON STAGE SO YOU CAN FUCKING PLAY!!! Listening to them play live is like watching my mom play Guitar Hero on expert.

Oh, and Wentz is an arrogant asshole. NEXT!!!

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fb751748224 (0)
Fall Out Boy Revolutionized Alternatve music lol. Almost all of their songs are good exept sugar, were goin down. But a really great band

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Loerke (43)
This band is good ... for me to poop on! Fall Out Boy is much acclaimed as a "punk" band by the likes of Rolling Stone, who forgot what punk is, and Entertainment Weekly, who never knew. The Gap, DKNY, Circuit City, and Asslee Simpson are the feeding stations on perhaps the biggest gravy train ever flowing from the ass of the entertainment industry. Exemplifies how disgraceful FM radio has become.

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jbich1 (0)

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redhotchilis (0)
A disgrace to music as a whole. I want these guys off my radio

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