Added on 02/26/2007
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1-800-Free411 5

I got this number from a friend, I've known it for awhile it is the cheapist way to get the 411 on phone numbers in this nation. since have recieved this number Ive giving this number to many people myself

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1-800-Free411 5

My carrier (Cingular) has been charging me quite a bit just for making 411 calls. This used to be the kind of thing we just had to take -- you know, it used to be free, but then they all realized they could charge us a buck-fifty and get away with it. Well, no more. You call 1-800-free411 and go through a few voice prompts and listen to a short ad; then you're given an option of connecting to the advertiser instead of the business you were calling for; if you choose not to connect to the advertiser, you're given the number you asked for in the beginning. It's all systemized, but if the computer can't understand you then there are live operators who can give you the info, also. I've tried it a few times in the past two days and it's given me accurate info every time.

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