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Tags for ...do we turn to wrong means(alcohol,drugs,etc.)when we feel misarable? (Browse Tags)

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...do we turn to wrong means(alcohol,drugs,etc.)when we feel misarable?

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kamylienne (67)
When I'm honestly depressed, I usually end up sleeping a lot more.  I don't do drugs nor alcohol, and never had an urge even at my hardest of times, so I consider myself highly fortunate.  I've got this bad habit of wallowing in my depression.  But, now, I've started exercising when I get into that mood.  It's hard to wallow in self-pity when you're forcing yourself to go another five minutes on that treadmill while your chest feels like a lead weight, but when you're done you feel a million times better.1
aWiseguy (71)
I loved partying and getting high, I rarely waited til I was misarable.5
CanadaSucks (35)
If you are referring to illegal drugs (leaving the listing as 'drugs' is too wide a category) than I must answer in a word- experimentation. People like to experiment and push their limits and drugs (for all their dangers and side effects) work. . .I could tell you that I regret all of my experiences in high school and college- but I don't. I could tell you that I wouldn't do it again- but I won't. I don't do it now because I find the prospect boring- "why live in the past? Do something different". . .I'm at a different place in my life with family and responsibilities, but all the experiences that got me here (good and bad) are part of my personal growth. . .I wouldn't recommend my life to anyone- but I won't pretend it wasn't a kick-ass time. . .5
Vudija (91)
Probably because it's easier to run than to face something head-on. I, personally, can only guess as to why as I've never been one to turn to things like drugs and alcohol.4
InsidiousDreamer (11)
Because combatting misery the right way usually requires exertion, and does not consist in amusement. This is symbolic of everything else in life--you put in honest, hard work, the results are generally worthwhile; you cut corners (i.e. turning to substances when feeling miserable), you get nuked.2
LastMessenger3 (35)
I am proud to say that I am not one of those people who drown themselves in alcohol or drugs. I keep myself busy - I work, clean, exercise, cook, really do anything to consentrate myself on the positive. Focusing on something meaningful and important always helps. 3
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